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Engineered for performance,
durability and reliability.


Cooling system efficiency and the elimination of leaks is an industry priority. Enfield Tubes can help reduce the risk.

How it works

All utilitarian products need to function without compromise. At Enfield Tubes we achieve optimal cooling through a clear understanding of that function. Our vehicle radiator tubes, connected by fins, form the radiator core which is largely responsible for eliminating excess heat from the engine through the processes of:

  1. Radiation

    Radiation heat transfer describes the process whereby the radiator, at lower temperature, transmits the heat emitted by the ICE at higher temperature.

  2. Convection

    Vehicle radiators transfer most of their heat through convection rather than radiation. Fluid flows inside the tubes and a transfer or exchange of the thermal energy via convection is made to the tube wall.

  3. Conduction

    Heat always flows from hot to cold and as the heat is conducted through the tube wall, the hot air passes to the fins. The fins act to increase the air side primary surface area, increasing convection and subsequently, the heat transfer coefficient of the system.

Made in Britain

Made in Britain since 1942, we have a long-held belief in the excellence of UK manufacturing. Operating in mature markets with a niche product we’re happy to stay in our lane, committed to delivering the very best product for our customers.

All Applications

From trucks to tractors and trains to tanks, we supply heat exchanger tubes for any vehicle, including off-highway and for power generation.

Contact us to discover more about the high-performance heat exchanger tubes we can custom design to your specific requirements or ask about our standards with tubes available for immediate delivery.