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Agricultural Vehicles

Weather has a huge influence on agricultural productivity so vehicles such as tractors and combine harvesters need to be reliable in operation and dependable when required. Utilising brass tubes, engineered for heavy duty applications, downtime is eliminated, else minimised with solder coated brass having the facility to be repaired in the field.


With 89% of all transported goods moved by road, the haulage and logistics sector is the fifth largest in the UK and equally important for the global economy. Trucks around the world are subject to a high level of utility and a wide range of temperatures, placing an equally high demand on the engine cooling.


32.1 billion passenger journeys per year are made by buses in the EU, representing 511.4 billion passenger kilometres per year. As with the engine cooling requirement of trucks, buses have a similar level of utility and the same spread of ambient temperature in which they operate.

Military Vehicles

For 80 years, Enfield Tubes have supplied heat exchanger tubes for the most heavy-duty applications in the most demanding of environments. Nowhere is this more evident than for military applications where durability and reliability is paramount.

Construction and Mining

The construction and mining sector, as with other off-highway applications, has limited scope for unplanned downtime or maintenance. With the need for equipment to be ready and reliable, brass tubes that are built to last, durable and serviceable ensures the maximum uptime.


High-horsepower locomotives generate high-power and heat. A radiator system is required to maintain the operating temperature, regardless of ambient temperature, while delivering maximum horsepower. Heavy duty, durable tubes extend the operational life and reduce downtime in this demanding environment.


The automotive industry for heat exchanger tube includes OEM, vintage and race car. It can also be sub-divided into production and the aftermarket for maintenance. Whether volume or small batch production respectively, Enfield Tubes can supply for any OEM requirement with technically advanced aluminium tubes offer both reliability and sustainability.

Power generation

With gensets typically required for areas not connected to the grid or where power outages may occur, reliability is a prerequisite condition to support power on-demand for industry. Engine cooling for both portable and stationary gensets represents a key sector for heat exchanger tubes.