Welded Tubes, Aluminium, Copper & Brass for Radiator Systems
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Welded Tube

Cuprobraze Welded Tubes

Enfield Tubes manufactures flat-oval Cuprobraze welded tubes. Cuprobraze is a technology that uses both brass tubes and copper fins.

Cuprobraze welded tubes are used for manufacturing a new generation of high-performance heat exchangers. Cuprobraze welded tubes provides automative manufacturers with a way to produce cuprobraze heat exchangers of high strength and durability.

Brass Welded Tubes

Brass continues to be the material of choice when heavy-duty performance is demanded. With its superior heat conductivity and durability. Flat-oval solder-coated brass tube is made from corrosion-resistant arsenical 70/30 brass with 25/75 solder (tin/lead).

Enfield Tubes processing capabilities include regular or lead-free solder coating, as well as dimpled profile tubes for low-flow applications. We also offer a cut-to-length service, enabling customers to buy finished components and eliminate in-house process scrap.