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Cuprobraze Welded Tube

Cuprobraze Welded Tubes Enfield Tubes manufactures fl at-oval Cuprobraze welded tubes. Cuprobraze is a technology that uses both brass tubes and copper fins.

Cuprobraze welded tubes are used for manufacturing a new generation of high-performance heat exchangers providing automative manufacturers with a way to produce heat exchangers of high strength and durability.

Cuprobraze Welded Tubes

  • Major axis (A) 12.5mm – 20.0mm
  • Minor axis (B) 1.9mm – 4.2mm
  • End diameter 1.8mm – 4.0mm
  • Wall thickness 0.15mm – 0.40mm

Please note the list below gives an indication of the range of tubes for which tooling is currently available. We are able to undertake bespoke orders, please contact Claire Lucas or John Perry on 01900 601 166.