Welded Tubes, Aluminium, Copper & Brass for Radiator Systems
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Copper, Brass & Cupro-Nickel

Enfield Tubes specialise in the development of high strength high corrosion resistant alloys to exacting standards that conform to our rigorous in-house testing. We stock an extensive range of grades and tempers in coil, sheet and tube in a variety of forms to meet your specific requirements. Our skilled manufacturing processes supply superior products that make us a first choice for your heat and cooling systems.

Our stockholding facilities and inventory control means that your stock is held and monitored allowing you to reduce your stockholding overhead.

Copper, Brass & Cupro-Nickel Alloy Grades

We stock a range of alloys, most common include:

70/30 (curpo-nickel)
90/10 (cupro-nickel)

Copper, Brass & Cupro-Nickel Temper

Soft VPN 45-65 (copper)
Half hard VPN 65-95 (copper)
Full hard VPN 95-140 (copper)
Soft VPN 80 max (brass)
Half hard VPN 80-105 (brass)
Full hard VPN 130 min (brass)
Soft VPN 100 max (cupro-nickel)
Hard VPN 130 min (cupro-nickel)

Copper, Brass & Cupro-Nickel Coil Dimensions

Widths from 2mm up to 610mm
Thicknesses from 0.05mm up to 2mm
Coil sizes as required

Copper, Brass & Cupro-Nickel Sheets

2m x 1m
8′ x 4′
4′ x 2′
Thicknesses from 0.5mm up to 6mm

Used for tube plates and baffles, sheets can be cut to customer requirements

Heat Exchange Tubes

O/D from:

0.5mm up to 90mm

Wall thicknesses to suit customer requirements.