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Clad Aluminium

Enfield Tubes offers a range of brazed aluminium sheet and coil for vacuum brazing applications and controlled atmosphere brazing applications (CAB). Maximum fl exibility is produced by our versatile rolling equipment which is able to supply aluminium sheet to many different tempers. Our experienced and dedicated sales team can help assist whether you require a high strength magnesium containing core alloy or a high purity magnesium free core alloy and our stockholding facility maintains your stock levels to your optimise your business.

Clad Aluminium Alloy Grades

We stock a range core and alloys, most common include:

3003 4045 4545 4343

Specialist alloys available on request.

Clad Aluminium Temper

Soft – O H/H – H14 Hard H24

Or to specified customer requirements

Clad Aluminium Coil Dimensions

Widths from 2mm up to 610mm
Thicknesses from 0.05mm up to 2mm
Coil sizes as required

Clad Aluminium Sheets

We stock a variety of sheet sizes to suit your requirements, sheets can also be cut to customer specifications.

Clad Aluminium Clad Ratios

5% to 15% clad
one side or both
on either coil or sheet