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We offer excellent prices and lead times on all our copper coil, sheet and tubes

Copper is lightweight, corrosion resistant, ductile and malleable. With high thermal conductivity. Copper will not burn or support combustion, so it won’t carry fire through floors, walls and ceilings. Our copper coil, sheet and tube  can be produced in standard or custom dimensions. We can produce both imperial and metric units.

We are able to offer excellent prices and lead times on all of our copper coil, sheet and tubes.

Our copper coil, sheet and tube is used widely used in power generation, heating and cooling systems, telecommunications, construction, automotive and a whole host of applications around the globe.

Within this website you find a huge range of brass, cupro-nickel, clad aluminium, unclad aluminium, CAB aluminium and sizes that we can provide either from stock or on good lead times.

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